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Apple Slice Sandwiches New recipes

Apple Slice Sandwiches

ShutterstockApple Slice SandwichWant something crunchy and sweet to give your little one to munch on while avoiding chips or cookies? Make mini apple slice sandwiches as a tasty alternative. You can add on tasty morsels like dark chocolate chips or savory chopped walnuts for extra flavor!Ingredients2 Tablespoons hazelnut spread, such as Nutella2 Tablespoons dark chocolate chips1 fresh appleServings1Calories Per Serving396Folate equivalent (total)13µg3

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Savarin New recipes


A dessert that does not require introduction, but only maximum enjoyment. I invite you to try them! They are not difficult at all, and the 2 hours you will & 34; lose & 34; to prepare them, you will see that they will bear fruit in the end! Enjoy dear ones! For the dough: Flour - 480 g - 500 g Egg - 4 pieces (not very large) Sunflower oil - 50 ml Warm milk - 300 ml Brown sugar - 2 tablespoons Salt - 1 knife tip Yeast - about 10 g Rose water - 2 tablespoons For jelly: Canned cranberry juice (or any non-acidic, red juice) - 200 mlRed jelly cake - 2 sachetsGellfix - ½ sachet For syrup: Water - 4 cupsBrown sugar - 1 cup and ½Vanilla essence / orange blossom essence - 2 teaspoons Extra: Cream for whipped cream (avoid whipped cream) - approx. 800 ml Cream hardener - 2 sachetsPowdered sugar - 2-3 tablespoonsOrange peel - approx. / forms of savarineExtra flour + butter for wallpaper tart formsPortions: 8Preparation time: less than 120 minutes RECIPE PREPARATION Savarine: We start with the syrup, so that it has time to cool; Add the brown sugar and the 4 cups of water in a saucepan , and at reduce it on the fire; When it has started to decrease and thicken, turn off the heat and add the essence of vanilla or orange blossom (I used the second option); Heat the milk a little - it should be warm and not Dissolve the yeast and sugar in it, then add a tablespoon of sunflower oil and let it work for about 10 minutes; Sift the flour into a bowl; Add the yeast milk and mix well; Beat the eggs well; with salt and incorporate them over the fish; Finally add the rose oil and water and mix well until you get a sticky dough; Cover with a towel and leave for about 30-45 minutes to rise, warm; tart with butter and flour and leave them in the fridge; Put the flour on your hands (to avoid sticking the dough to your hands), break pieces of the savarina dough and put them in the tart forms, pressing lightly to take their shape - if you do not want to get your hands dirty, then put the composition in f tart marks using 2 tablespoons; Let them rise in the tart forms for another 20-30 minutes; Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and put them inside for about 20-25 minutes, until you notice that they are brown. -auri; Once ready, take them out of the oven and let them cool; Cut them about 3 quarters (not to the end) in half; Soak them well in syrup; Mix cranberry juice with jelly cake, in -a saucepan; Put them on low heat and when it has started to heat add the Gellfix and stir a little more; Remove from the heat; On a baking sheet put 2 round garnish shapes (here you can improvise if you do not have shapes of garnish) and add inside it 3-4 tablespoons of the composition on the fire; Wait about 2-3 minutes and lift - the circle of jelly should be clogged; Repeat the process until you exhaust the composition; Beat the sweet cream with the hardener , adding along the way, little by little the powdered sugar and the orange peel; Put the whipped cream int r a bag and fill the savarins generously; Take the jelly circles with a spatula and apply them on top; Leave in the fridge for about 3-4 hours to soften well and serve with pleasure; Enjoy!

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Calçotada at Savoy New recipes

Calçotada at Savoy

On the corner of Prince and Crosby outside Savoy, a musician strummed his guitar as the wind picked up smoke from the grill on the sidewalk. Happy Monday.Wood Grilled Leeks with Romesco Sauce (Photo: Arthur Bovino).Peter Hoffman has been holding his annual spring Calçotada celebration for a decade at Savoy.

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Frozen Key Lime Crunch Cake Traditional recipes

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